Eco Pro's Featured Products:

UltraBurn CCS
diesel savings and emissions reductions
Fuel Savings 10.6% On Road &15.3% Off Road
HEPO Filters
extend oil drains and
engine longevity
Up to 4X Extended
Oil Life
turbo® PreCleaner
extends air filter life
& engine longevity
Up to 10X Extended
Air Filter Life
An award winning Industry Leader in cost saving. 
We proudly provide products that are:
•Safe and Reliable  •Verifiably Cost Saving  •Strong Measurable Value Propositions
•Strong Sustainability Improvements   •Well Tested & Documented not to cause problems  
•Durable enough for the heavy-duty diesel industry   •Truly 'Market-Ready'
•And that TRULY WORK! 
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There just aren't that many wonderful solutions out there. But we've put in countless hours finding a few gems that we know you'll love... 
We are also constantly watching for more great market-ready products to hit the market. 
In the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy benefiting from the products that have been proven to provide great value!

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