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"Extend Oil drains and 

engine longevity"







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  • Reduced engine wear- means your engines will last longer. Fewer particles = Less wear. Per the SAE Technical Report #881825, engine longevity will be increased by as much as 100%.

  • Extend oil drains - Oil drains can be safely extended. If you have fewer contaminants in your oil, it will last longer. Many users have doubled, tripled and quadrupled their oil drain intervals.

  • Free up Labor hours -to do more meaningful work.

  • Less waste oil - By extending oil drain intervals, you'll use less oil and create less waste oil.

Key Features: 
Safe for All Engine Types
  • Rugged heavy duty vessel housing

  • Heavy duty mounting bracket

  • Well labeled ports for easy installation

  • Standard on-board oil sampling port

  • Safe and reliable filter element that won't fall apart

  • No moving parts

  • No electrical connections


HEPO Advanced Filters are secondary on-board oil filtration systems that get mounted off-line from OEM filters. A small amount of oil is slowly and safely redirected from the main flow, essentially 'polished', and then returned back to the sump. HEPOs have a very durable vessel that gets mounted to the power unit and a filter element that gets replaced at every scheduled service interval. 

What is It? 
Absolute Filter

The HEPO Advanced Filtration System is a patented secondary oil filtration system that reduces engine wear, extends oil drain intervals and improves sustainability. HEPO is a 2 micron absolute filter. HEPO Filters can be used for all low pressure lubricants such as engine oils. 

By adding a HEPO Advanced Filter, your oil will have 98% fewer contaminants - allowing for extended engine life, extended oil drain cycles, and improved sustainability. 

Fewer Particles 
Means  Less Wear

Almost all standard engine oil filters are rated at 15 - 20 microns nominal. That means that these filters will capture only 50% of the contaminants that are 15 - 20 microns or larger. That means that your current filters are only capturing 50% of the harmful abrasive contaminants that are 15 - 20 microns in size (and even less of the smaller contaminants). It is the small particles - known as Clearance Sized Particles (or CSPs) - between the range of 3 and 10 microns that cause the greatest amount of abrasion on cylinders and pistons.  It is the CSPs that actually wear out an engine and cause the largest and most costly fatigue over time.HEPO Filters are rated at 2 MICRONS ABSOLUTE! To get an absolute rating, a filter must capture at least 98.7% of all the contaminants above that micron rating. By adding a HEPO Advanced Filter, over 98% of all particles 2 Microns or larger, that over time act like sand paper inside your engine, will be filtered out. 

The HEPO Advanced Filtration System will not harm any part of your engine nor will it void warranties. We have OEM Warranty Letters from most engine manufacturers stating the HEPO will not void your warranty. For those engine manufacturers who do not issue such warranty letters, engine owners are protected by the Magnuson-Moss ACT. This Warranty ACT protects the consumer, which in this case is anyone purchasing an engine, by prohibiting engine manufacturers from voiding warranties simply because it has been outfitted with an aftermarket product. With tens-of-millions of hours and perhaps billions of miles of runtime, HEPOs have proven to not harm engines.  

Won't Void

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