Truly the Best PreFilter available!  

Watch how the turbo® PreCleaner works!

"Extends air filter life & engine longevity"

turbo® II Precleaner

  • Protects your Engine   

  • Eliminates micro dust

  • 80% Improved filtration

  • 3-5 time filter life extension 

  • Maintenance Free

  • Increase engine longevity  

The turbo® PreCleaner Benefits are:
The turbo®
PreCleaner is...



  • Has been on the market for more than 40 years

  • Is the only truly top-down precleaner

  • Proven not to damage engines

  • Will not void engine warranties

  • Maintenance Free

  • Easy to Install

  • Reliable

.....and longer life for your engine – that’s where Turbo II has been performing it’s job in the toughest environments day in and day out.  

Preventing micro-abrasive dust from entering the engine with it’s unique design, Turbo II is still the standard by which all precleaners are judged.  

From its durable metal construction to its high efficiency and low restriction across the entire range, Turbo II is chosen worldwide by equipment operators for installation on loaders, graders, crushers, haulers,mixers, mining machines and anywhere where dust is a problem and where a high level of protection is needed.   With four different models we can accommodate the widest range of equipment, offering protection for your engine regardless of application.    When its severe duty, specify the best, the Turbo II precleaner!

It's all about Cleaner Air...

History of air filter precleaners:

The Turbo® II Precleaner metal design is the only precleaner that draws dirty air through the protective screen at the top of the unit, creating a “TOP DOWN” air flow.  Turbo® II Precleaners have aerodynamically designed overlapping vanes, which force the incoming air to spin, causing separation of dust and dirt from the air by centrifugal force. The dust and debris then spins down the wall of the main chamber, into the blower chamber, where the high velocity spinner forces the dirt out the discharge ports at the base of the unit.  In addition, as the velocity of the primary air stream increases, it ejects out additional dirt and debris providing the cleanest possible air to the filter element. This design offers exceptional balance between added restriction and efficiency.

Aerodynamically Designed...
All turbo® PreCleaners are independently tested to  industry SAE J726 standards.
What is it?

TURBO Precleaners are simple and safe air filter precleaners that are installed before the air filter to remove harmful dust, dirt, insects, rain and snow before it gets to your air filter.  This extends the life of your air filters as well as improving the engine longevity by reducing the harmful contaminants that typically enter the engine.  It is comprised of a single system that gets mounted to the power unit.  On some applications, adapters are needed.  

The TURBO Precleaner has only one moving part, the spinner, and much attention has been given to its design. At the heart of the spinner are two shielded, precision ball bearings which are pressed into a close tolerance, threaded shaft that mounts the spinner to the underside of the dome. The bearings are completely enclosed in the spinner's plastic drive body, and therefore are protected from dirt and moisture.

The spinner is a quality precision part and as such is fully lifetime warranted against failure. They are virually maintenance free as they are self powered and self cleaning. Your air filter element life will be greatly increased, and this can mean significant savings in the filter elements and servicing labour.

One Moving Part!!
Turbo Heavy Duty Engine Intake Air Precleaner Specifications

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