UltraBurn Combustion
Catalyst System 

"Truly the Best Fuel 

Saving Technology available!"

DYNO Test Proves 14% Savings

The Patented
UltraBurn Combustion
Catalyst System 

Improves fuel efficiency by 10.6% to 15.3% by using the same proven technology as a catalytic converter or DPF (diesel particulate filter).  However, the UltraBurn Catalyst System was specifically designed to "put the cart before the horse". Where a catalytic converter or DPF works post-combustion, the UltraBurn is a pre-combustion, emissions reduction device that is also able to reduce fuel consumption. It uses the same catalytic elements, but slowly introduces them as nano-sized particles pre-combustion where you, the consumer, will get

the greatest benefit. 

Watch how the UltraBurn works!

         is it??


The UltraBurn is a 2-part technology comprised of a Delivery System that gets mounted to the power unit and a Catalyst Bottle that gets changed at YOUR regularly scheduled maintenance intervals. THE ULTRABURN IS...


  • Proven not to damage engines

  • Will not void engine warranties

  • Easy to Install

  • Reliable


  • Reduced emissions   

  • Lower engine temperatures

  • Improved fuel efficiency   

  • Smoother, longer burns

  • Reduced torsional vibration   

  • Improved engine longevity   


~Rugged, durable weatherproof protective outer case

~Solid protective inner case to protect

the circuit board and pump

~Extended-life pump to prime Catalyst lines when

engine is at idle to promote optimal results

~Hour meter display with resettable trip

and lifetime display

~Continuous on-board monitoring system to maintain optimal performance and to give alerts and visual codes for quick and easy maintenance

~Variety of Catalyst Bottle volumes so you can match the right Catalyst to your pre-scheduled maintenance schedules. This reduces equipment touches and down-time.

Key Features: 
Won't Void Warranties 

The UltraBurn Catalyst System will not harm any part of your engine nor will it void warranties. We have OEM Warranty Letters from most engine manufacturers stating the Catalyst System will not void your warranty. For those engine manufacturers who do not issue such warranty letters,engine owners are protected by the Magnuson-Moss ACT.  This Warranty ACT protects the consumer, which in this case is anyone purchasing an engine, by prohibiting engine manufacturers from voiding warranties simply because it has been outfitted with an aftermarket product. With tens-of-millions of hours and perhaps billions of miles of runtime, the UltraBurn Catalyst System has proven to not harm engines. 





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